My works,

I do not allow following;

1. To use for rental business without the permission of Lunatico_fEs (Hiroko Yayane)

2. To copying beyond the purpose of personal enjoyment

3. Secondary distribution of sound source as it is, network offline etc.

I do not allow unauthorized uploading, secondary distribution, etc, Other than original author (except collaborative work).

I allow arrangements that do not use the original sound source, live performance, and partially used secondary creation.

However, you must display the original author.

About the works to be applied Creative Commons – Inheritance works, we limit the conditions of inheritance to the parts of works (mainly artworks).

Doujin music is the music distributed (sell) by independent creation ,
NOT  Non commercial (unauthorized reproduction / upload OK) music.

Japan is a member of the “Berne Convention”, Copyrights of the work made in Japan are automatically attributed to the author. My circle and my work are similar.If you do not specify in the work, I will not allow you to reprint without permission or upload without permission.

Hiroko Yayane(Lunatico_fEs)